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Is volume of traffic and lack of parking killing business in Virginia? or Will a bypass taking all the traffic out of Virginia kill business in Virginia?

Neither has to be true if Virginia is a place people want to come to. Virginia Park Lodge is an international wedding destination attracting large numbers of visitors to Virginia. Virginia Show brings in the region of 10kvisitors. Virginia Show Centre holds many national events. Ramor Utd GFC and Virginia Rfc bring many sporting visitors to the area. Ramor Theatre is a very well regarded theatre catering for locals and visitors. St Kyrans Country House with it’s award winning restaurant, Lakeside Manor Hotel and marina, Ramor Watersports Club on the outskirts of the town all attract visitors. The wonderful Lough Ramor and Deerpark Forest are fantastic facilities in the town. The challenge is how do we sell more local products and services to people living in or visiting the area.

Food: Get people in the community engaged in the value of local food and value-added agriculture. Look at joint marketing for local produce possibly through the use of a Farmer’s market.

Quality of Life: Virginia with its natural amenities is a great place for artistic type people. We hear a lot about digital hubs why not think about an artistic hub where art and craft people could meet and sell their products. This could be a natural extension to the theatre. It was wonderful to see the new play writers having their work performed around the town recently.

Creativity: Another area of creativity is in new types of manufacturing, for example 3d Printing and IOT(Internet of things). You don’t have to invent the technology just come up with a clever way to use the technology. No point having a solution looking for a problem, you need a solution solving an existing problem.

Economic development is a very slow and steady movement it’s not something that happens overnight.

(views expressed here are my own)


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