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Virginia Revitalisation the story so far

In the work carried out for Cavan County Council the following has been identified


High levels of through-traffic, especially on the main street during commuting hours
Invasive on-street car parking
Number of unfinished buildings and unoccupied business units
Growth of the town constrained on the south by the lake and on the north by the proposed by-pass
High number of commuters to larger towns detrimental to the vitality of the town
Littering on the main streets
Clutter in advertising hoardings on the approach roads

Threats / Challenges

Proposed by-pass corridor could threaten the future vitality of the town
Uncontrolled residential spread could threaten the compact form of the town, be detrimental to walkability and threaten the surrounding natural environment
Waste Water Treatment Plant is currently over capacity and prevents further residential development
High level of traffic on Dublin Road and invasive on-street parking
Narrow pavements
Littering on the main streets
Heavy through-traffic

Strengths and Opportunities

Abundance of natural assets which attract visitors and provide key recreation amenities: Lough Ramor, Deerpark Forest, Blackwater River
Several cultural assets attracting visitors to Virginia: festivals, fairs, Ramor Theatre, events
The linear layout and compact form of the town means that many parts of its core are in walking distance from each other
The traditional town centre support numerous retail and service units with a number of attractive traditional shop fronts and well maintained buildings
Virginia features a number of historic monuments and buildings – Church of Ireland, a ritual site in Deerpark, Rahardum and Ballaghanea ringforts.
The Main Street is a designated Architectural Conservation Area.
Ongoing public realm improvements: junction on the Bailieborough Road, under-grounding of cables, car park
Well maintained landscape areas with native trees and shrubs and perennial bulb planting
Redevelop section of the main street to create a pedestrian and cycle friendly environment
Improve town amenity and commercial atmosphere in the town centre: tree planting, paving, lighting, street furniture
Refresh the existing archways to give new identity to the town and increase permeability, for example through the creation of walking and cycling routes
Strenghten local economy in relation with tourism and leisure and encourage people to work in the city
Refresh Ramor Theatre
Create a bridge over River Blackwater linking the Main Street to Rahardum
Increase leisure development and biodiversity value

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This is a brief summary of the previous meetings. It is important that as many people as possible attend the consultation sessions to make sure the revitalisation project reflects what the people of Virginia want. It doesn’t matter if you are new to Virginia or your family have been here for generations. This plan is about now and the future. It is a fantastic opportunity to build a strong community for everyone living and working in Virginia.

Meeting takes place in Virginia Show Centre on 3rd April @ 7.30pm  Cavan Councy Council Meeting Notice


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