Virginia Calling

Cavan Day 26th September 2020


Cavan Calling

‘Cavan Day’ to celebrate county and its Diaspora on 26th September 2020
The first-ever ‘Cavan Day’, an online celebration of Cavan, its people, and its diaspora, takes place on Saturday, 26th September.

Virginia Calling

On Cavan Day let’s share life in Virginia in 2020 and our memories of Virginia in the past. Your story is special to you and may bring back fond memories to other people.

To get started

I will share some of my thoughts and memories.

My name is Helen Mary Josephine Rahill. I give myself my full name because I was born in St Joseph’s Nursing Home in Virginia and that is where I got the Josephine. My brother was the first baby born there, after he was christened the nuns said they were disappointed my parents didn’t call him Joseph. Therefore when I was born eighteen months later I got the Josephine. I was baptized in the church in Virginia, it is now the Ramor Theatre, who knows one day I may write a play and have it performed there! Growing up in the sixties I thought Virginia was the most beautiful town. I remember going to the show and thinking I would like to live on the Cavan Road in Virginia. After living in a number of other places, for the last four years I live on the Cavan Road in VIrginia!

Development plan for  2022-28 submitted by Virginia Residents Facebook Group to Cavan County Council

What are your thoughts and memories from Virginia? Please share in the comments below. If you have photos old or new that you would like to share please email to and I will make an album of all the photos received for #CavanDay on 26th September 2020, please include a description of the photo.


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