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Preparing for Virginia Expo 2019

You have decided to take part in Virginia Expo 2019. Let’s look at why people might come to the Virginia Expo 2019

People want to see what is available in Virginia

It’s important that your exhibit stands out. Consider what it’s like to be an attendee who is going to take time out of their evening to walk from stand to stand. Your prospects will naturally gravitate toward the exhibits that generate the most buzz and the biggest crowds. How are you going to stand out from the crowd?

People go to meet other people – Network

Don’t worry. In this case, the hard sell doesn’t usually work. Making a genuine human connection, on the other hand, can warm them up to the idea of doing business with you in the future. Creating a lasting impression is sometimes just as valuable as getting a signature or handshake. For attendees who are just there to network for the future, being inviting, open, and genuine will encourage people to slow down, stay longer, and really consider your brand. If not today, then maybe tomorrow.

People go for Education

People attend trade shows to learn, learning in an ongoing process. Be prepared to teach it could give you an advantage.

Lets look at

How are you going to let people know you are going to be there?

Why will people want to come to see you at the show?

You can use Social Media to target the people you want to come to the show by inviting them to visit your stand, this is good for people who are already your followers.
You can use paid social media advertising to target your specific market
You can give a special offer to people who visit your stand.
You can run a competition
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