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The people who work remotely is what will make remote working successful. The technology exists for remote working. Everyone doesn’t need high speed broadband to work remotely. You need the speed required to do your job. Not every family requires a 7 seater people carrier just because every so often you have visitors and it would be handy to have a bigger car.

Sticking office buildings on the outskirts of towns and calling them Digital Hubs is not remote working solutions. Remember the seventies when there was “Advance Factories” on the outskirts of towns, many remained empty because there was no plan for what to put in them. Digital hubs started around universities, where clusters of people were working on similar technologies and many successful businesses grew out of these hubs.

What are the requirements in a rural town like Virginia for remote working?

It will be vary depending on the individuals and each separate business requirements. Some big international companies are looking for specific skills and want the flexibility to search for the right talent world wide with no language or timezone barriers. Companies like this will have technology in place to enable this type of working, great but what about the worker well-being? the water cooler chats, Friday pints or the five aside league. On the other hand, the main business may be in what is considered a remote location but has ambitions to serve customers worldwide. A lot of the technology challenges will be the same and also the human challenges of dealing in different languages, time zones and employee wellbeing.

Remote working facilities are public spaces where people and businesses come together to share facilities and ideas. Shared technology would be expected, well being facilities for employees are equally as important to make remote working successful in a rural town. Instead of a Digital Hub let’s have “The Virginia Remote Working and Wellness Centre” (VRWWC)





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