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What is Remote Working and who is it for?

To have a business you have to have a buyer and a seller. If you create the product you are selling in a different place to where you are selling the product then you have remote workers. Farmers are remote workers.

Modern technology make it possible to deliver more services remotely. It is not a new concept. Post, phone, cars and trucks all contributed to enabling remote working.

Farmers co-ops are a great example of remote working in operation. Major businesses grew out of co-ops, businesses supplying product all over the world today.

Many jobs have become redundant due to automation and machinery. People have flocked to the cities and bigger locations to get work.

With new technologies people no longer have to go where the work is, the work can be brought to the people. People with small businesses creating products in remote areas are not limited to selling in their local area.

Remote working can be people working remotely for large businesses. It can also be small businesses selling to the world. Ideally a combination of both helping each other with shared services and work places. Worker well being is very important for this type of working model to be successful. You have to look at the whole person not just the 7-8 hours working time. You have to look at people from cradle to grave, that makes a community. Remote working can help to create strong communities.

Grow Remote is a bunch of people who believe remote work is a powerful tool for community development. We’re mostly interested in rural areas and permanent (employed) remote work. I created a Grow Remote Virginia chapter, if you are interested in joining to explore remote working in Virginia follow this link https://www.changex.org/ie/growremote/rahardrum-virginia-co-cavan-ireland 

There are Grow Remote chapters all over the country and some abroad. It is not one size fits all, each chapter decide what they want to concentrate on. Other chapters share how they did things, it is a shared learning experience.

I have also created a Facebook Group, you can find the group from https://www.facebook.com/VirginiaPagesCavanIreland/ if you would like to get involved




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