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An online business strategy helps get all the ideas out of your head and into a usable format. This can help define objectives to work towards increasing your clarity and focus.

Audience Analytics For Free!

Review visitors coming to your website and social media. What do you expect them to do? What are they actually doing?

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The Online Opportunity

Explore the opportunities for your business online

Build your Web Presence

Website, Local Directories, Business Directories, Social Media

Getting Started with search

Make search work for you, get noticed with ads, get noticed locally

Online Shop

Build your online shop and start selling online


Telling the customer how your product or service can help them

Team Training

It is important to train all your team

Website Development

Develop a strategy for your website

Email Marketing

Email is a great way to stay in touch

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

You need to identify your Unique Selling Point (or USP) – this is what makes you stand out from your competition online. Find out what makes you different by looking at businesses doing similar things, and work out what sets you apart. For example, if customer service is what sets you apart from your competition, this is your Unique Selling Point.


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Plan your online Business Strategy Course

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