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Local Search

Getting your business to show up in local search results

Local advertising can help you find local customers and there are lots of options available. Whether you are a plumber, an accountant, a haiirdresser, every business needs customers and local advertising a great way to find customers.

The web has changed how buyers find sellers. What typically was “the Golden Pages” is now almost exclusively online search engines like Google, online directories, review sites and social networks like Facebook. Used properly you can target people in your local area or worldwide.

You can choose to advertise locally. Your ads will only be shown to people in your target area. If you are using Pay per Click like Google Adwords, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Social networks like Facebook and Linkedin have business pages and paid advertising that allow you to target your chosen area.

With Google Ads you bid to show your ad when certain search terms are entered and you can limit to geographical area that your ad in shown in. If you had a Home Bakery for example you could bid on “home bakery” in a 20 mile radius of Virginia. Social networks like Facebook also have paid advertising where you can target specific customers. Local directories and review sites usually offer paid advertising options to promote your business.

Nowadays many people have smartphones. As a business you can take advantage of this to reach nearby customers by making sure your website and apps look good on mobile. You can target your advertising specifically mobile devices.

To get started, make sure your customers can find you online, using any device and that your site looks well whether they are on a desktop PC, laptop, tablet phone.

You can target people nearby, you choose the territory.

If you want to advertise to customers in the Virginia area you can get a FREE listing in Virginia Pages Business Directory Contact Helen@Virginiapages.ie



Grow Remote – Virginia Chapter

Grow Remote – Virginia Chapter

I am looking for like minded people to get involved in setting up Grow Remote Virginia. “We make Remote Work Local. We’re a bunch of people who believe remote work is a powerful tool for community development. We’re mostly interested in rural areas”

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