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Economist John Fitzgerald has said that the Government should “go back and look at the broadband plan again.”

Are we asking and therefore answering the right question.

I currently cannot drive because I lost the sight in the right side of both eyes as result of a stroke. I was driving on a full driving licence since I was seventeen years old. I had my own car and could drive anywhere I wanted to go. Now if I need to go to Cavan for example, how do I go or do I simply have to stay at home.

I have always driven so how can I drive? I am not withing the legal driving. I have heard about driver-less cars, can I get one? where can I get one? how much will it cost? is it legal in Ireland? do I need to get the law changed?

If I go back and look at my problem, I need to go to Cavan, what are my other options? I can ask someone to bring me, I can get a taxi, I can get a bus None as convenient as having my own car to drive but I don’t have to stay at home.

Is broadband the problem we should be trying to solve? Should we be asking ‘what kind of service do you need?’ How can we meet that need? What ways can it be met?’

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