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What can we learn from the pandemic?

During this pandemic we learned we can do things differently. Is it right or wrong? Does it matter? Can we do better?

Should we try to fix things so we can go back to our previous way of living or should we create a new model?

If you start looking at things differently what needs to be done changes. Take money for example, what is money? it is a something we use to exchange for products or services rendered. By having money we choose what products or services we want to buy. Instead of giving people money we could supply people with what we, as a country, think they need to live on. Everyone would have enough to live on and everyone would get the same. This people who are able to work, work to create the needs of the community, the weak and sick get looked after.

Money is not good or bad. It is what we do with the money that is important. Give people the same amount of money, what they do with it will be different. Some will generate more money by creating something that they can sell this creates more money so they can buy things for themselves, these are the business people. Some may just buy what they need for themselves, they need more money to buy more so they go to work for the people producing the products they become the employees. The employer needs the employees and vice versa, the challenge becomes how to distribute the money among the two groups. But hold on we have another group of people, the people who for whatever reason cannot work for money, we have to look after them. We need services to look after everyone, the people who provide these services also need money to look after their families, we have to take some of the money to pay them. How do we get the money, we tax the generators of money. Everyone that gets money pays some of it for services.

If we keep money in circulation more people get to benefit from it.

In the past people had to go to where the work was. Today, from your desk in Virginia you can work for a business anywhere in the world. You can also make a product or service in Virginia and sell it anywhere in the world. This generates money for the people living in Virginia who in turn can buy products and services in Virginia and other places keeping the money in circulation and benefiting more people.

The way money circulates has changed, the way we divide it also needs to change.

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