Destination Virginia


Do you have a definite purpose that guides your ambitions, vison and goals?

Has the pandemic made you rethink your purpose?

Now think again, is it your purpose that has changed or how you go about achieving it?

We have been conditioned into thinking we must go where the work is. The pandemic has shown us that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are challenges with remote working but if it is work you truly want to do you will find a way. On the other hand if is work you never wanted to do anyway you will find an excuse. Nothing new ever happens from doing things the way you have always done them.

If you ask yourself what you would like to do based on your current knowledge you will never learn anything new.

Allow yourself dream, think big, have a vision. The questions you ask will change therefore the answers you get will also change. If you dream of a high flying career in IT you may have plans to go to Silicon Valley in San Francisco. Along comes the pandemic and you cannot travel to San Francisco. This is not the end of your dream, it is a change in how you execute your plan. You may need to create Silicon Valley Virginia.

Welcome to Destination Virginia #destinationvisrginia


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